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By default funny sentence generator generates a random sentence from lists of words below. All you have to do is press the "Generate" button and that's it! But you can use your own comma separated list of words - just paste it in the proper field of the sentence generator. For example, you can insert a list of your friends instead of any list of nouns and send them many crazy stories with their participation. Also you may copy and paste some words from lists below to get more precise results.

Every morning a group of dirty pugs and two fat professors carefully shaved the little piglet with axes.

Editable sections of sentence generator

  1. Time expressions Every morning
  2. Collective Nouns a group of
  3. Adjectives dirty
  4. Nouns pugs
  5. Numbers (and) two
  6. Adjectives fat
  7. Nouns professors
  8. Adverbs carefully
  9. Action Verbs shaved
  10. Adjectives (the) little
  11. Nouns piglet
  12. Nouns (with) axes

Lists of words

  1. Time expressions

  2. Again and again, Almost every day, At odd times, At times, Daily, Every day, Every Friday, Every hour, Every Monday, Every month, Every morning, Every night, Every Saturday, Every Sunday, Every third day, Every Thursday, Every Tuesday, Every two months, Every Wednesday, Every week, Every year, Four times an hour, From time to time, Hourly, Many times, Monthly, Occasionally, Once a fortnight, Once a month, Once a week, Once a year, Once in a blue moon, Once in a while, On weekends, Over and over, Over and over again, Quite often, Rarely, Regularly, Several times, Several times a year, Sometimes, Three times a week, Time after time, Traditionally, Twice an hour, Twice a day, Twice a month, Twice a year, Very often, Weekly, Yearly
  3. Animals

  4. aardvark, addax, alligator, alpaca, anteater, antelope, aoudad, ape, argali, armadillo, ass, baboon, badger, basilisk, bat, beagle, bear, beaver, bighorn, bird, bison, boar, budgerigar, buffalo, bug, bull, bunny, burro, camel, canary, capon, capybara, cat, chameleon, cheetah, chick, chicken, chimpanzee, chinchilla, chipmunk, civet, clam, coati, collie, colt, cony, coot, cougar, cow, coyote, crocodile, crow, crum, cub, cur, deer, demon, dingo, doe, dog, doggie, donkey, dormouse, dove, dragon, dromedary, duck, duckbill, dugong, dwarf, eland, elephant, elf, elk, ermine, ewe, fairy, fawn, fay, feist, ferret, finch, fish, fitchew, foumart, fox, frog, gander, gannet, gazelle, gemsbok, giraffe, gnat, gnome, gnu, goat, gobbler, goldfish, goose, gopher, gorilla, gosling, greyhound, grizzly, grouse, guanaco, gull, hamster, hare, harrier, hartebeest, hawk, hedgehog, hellhound, hen, heron, herring, hippopotamus, hog, hornet, horse, hound, hummingbird, husky, hyena, ibex, iguana, impala, jackal, jade, jaguar, jay, jellyfish, jerboa, kangaroo, kid, kine, kinkajou, kitten, koala, koodoo, lamb, lapwing, lark, lemur, leopard, leprechaun, lion, lizard, llama, louse, lovebird, lynx, magpie, mallard, mandrill, mare, marmoset, marten, mastiff, mink, mole, mongoose, mongrel, monkey, monster, moose, mouse, mule, muskrat, mustang, mutt, nag, newt, nightingale, nit, ocelot, okapi, opossum, orangutan, oryx, otter, owl, ox, oyster, panda, panther, parakeet, parrot, partridge, peacock, peccary, pekingese, penguin, pheasant, pig, pigeon, piggy, piglet, pilchard, pixie, platypus, polecat, pony, pooch, poodle, porcupine, porpoise, poult, pronghorn, pug, puma, pup, puppy, quack, quagga, quail, rabbit, raccoon, ram, rat, rattlesnake, raven, reindeer, reptile, rhinoceros, roebuck, rook, rottweiler, salamander, salmon, seal, setter, shark, sheep, shrew, skunk, sloth, snake, sow, spaniel, sparrow, spitz, springbok, sprite, squirrel, stallion, starling, steer, stork, swallow, swan, swift, swine, tapir, teal, terrier, tiger, tike, toad, tortoise, turkey, turtle, tyke, vicuna, viper, vulture, walrus, warthog, waterbuck, weasel, whale, whelp, whippet, wildcat, wolf, wolverine, wombat, woodchuck, woodpecker, yak, zebra, zebu
  5. Occupations and personalities

  6. accountant, actor, actress, affronter, airhead, artificer, athlete, author, baker, banker, barber, beautician, beggar, blackguard, blockhead, boaster, bonehead, booby, boozer, bouncer, braggart, broker, bubblehead, buffoon, bugger, bumpkin, burglar, bushman, butch, butcher, cad, cadger, cannibal, carpenter, charlatan, chauffeur, cheat, chef, chowderhead, clerk, clod, clot, clown, coach, contriver, cormorant, coward, cowboy, craftsman, craven, cretin, criminal, crone, crook, crud, culprit, curmudgeon, debauchee, deceiver, delinquent, dentist, deviser, dissembler, dissimulator, doctor, dodger, dolt, doodle, dope, dreamer, drunkard, duffer, dullard, dumbhead, dummy, dunce, dupe, editor, egghead, engineer, evildoer, fabler, fabulist, fag, fagot, farceur, farmer, feigner, feller, fibber, fibster, fiction-monger, fiend, fire fighter, fisherman, fitter, flathead, fool, foreman, forester, fraud, fraudster, friar, fury, gay, gaol-bird, gawk, glutton, goof, greenhorn, guttler, guzzler, hag, harlequin, harm-doer, harridan, heck, hellkite, herdsman, heretic, hick, humorist, hypocrite, idiot, idler, illusionist, imbecile, imp, impersonator, impostor, injurer, inmate, insulter, intellectual, intruder, inventor, jailbird, jerk, jester, joker, judge, juggler, knave, laggard, lardhead, lawyer, lecher, liar, libertine, loafer, locksmith, logger, loggerhead, looby, lout, lubber, lumberjack, mage, magician, malefactor, malingerer, meanie, mechanic, mendicant, misbeliever, miscreant, miser, monk, mooncalf, moron, mucker, muff, mug, musician, narrator, nerd, niggard, nincompoop, ninny, noddy, noodle, numskull, nurse, offender, originator, pastor, pauper, peddler, penal, perpetrator, pharmacist, pilot, poet, policeman, politician, prankster, prat, printer, pretender, priest, prisoner, professor, profligate, punk, queer, rabbi, rake, ranger, rapist, rascal, redneck, reprobate, riffraff, rogue, romancer, roue, rube, sage, sailor, salesman, satyr, schmuck, scoundrel, scum, sham, shammer, sharper, shepherd, shitass, shoemaker, simulant, simulator, simpleton, sinner, skulk, slacker, sleuth, sneak, snitch, snotter, soldier, spoony, stiff, stinker, storyteller, sucker, swindler, tailor, talebearer, tale-teller, teacher, technician, thief, tippler, tortfeasor, tramp, trickster, transgressor, trespasser, twerp, twister, vagabond, vagrant, varmint, veterinarian, villain, violator, yokel, wag, waiter, waitress, wanker, watchmaker, wiseacre, witch, wizard, weisenheimer, woodman, woodward, wretch, wrongdoer
  7. Collective Nouns

  8. a herd of, an army of, a colony of, a swarm of, a congress of, a tribe of, a pack of, a flight of, a grist of, a hive of, a congregation of, a flock of, a chain of, a brace of, a rabble of, a litter of, a drove of, a team of, a yoke of, a brood of, a clutch of, a cartload of, a band of, a float of, a leash of, a parcel of, a bevy of, a kennel of, a pod of, a cote of, a wing of, a flush of, a raft of, an aerie of, a convocation of, a parade of, a gang of, a mob of, a school of, a shoal of, a knot of, a gaggle of, a skein of, a horde of, a corps of, a cloud of, a covey of, a group of, an array of, a troop of, a clan of, a party of, a company of, a family of, a huddle of, a rookery of, a coterie of, a host of, a dray of, a muster of
  9. Kitchen Vocabulary Word List

  10. a grill, a roaster, a table, a toaster, bags, baskets, beaters, blenders, bottles, bowls, brooms, buns, caddies, cakes, cans, carafes, casseroles, chopsticks, coffee mills, colanders, cookbooks, cups, cutters, decanters, dishes, forks, glasses, graters, griddles, jars, jugs, juicers, kettles, knives, ladles, leftovers, lids, mashers, mixers, mops, mugs, napkins, nut crackers, nuts, openers, pans, percolators, pestles, pins, pitchers, plates, platters, pots, ramekins, saucers, shakers, shears, sieves, sifters, skewers, skillets, spatulas, spices, sponges, spoons, teapots, thermometers, tins, tongs, towels, trash bags, trays, tumblers, tureens, whips, whisks, woks
  11. Tools Vocabulary Word List

  12. a grinder, a ladder, a lathe, a plow, a vise, a workbench, adzes, an anvil, an edger, axes, bevels, blocks, bolts, brads, brushes, chalks, chisels, circular saws, clamps, clippers, crowbars, cutters, drill bits, drills, fasteners, hacksaws, hammers, handsaws, hatchets, hex wrenches, hoes, hones, levers, machetes, mallets, measuring tapes, nails, needle-nose pliers, nuts, pickaxes, pincers, pinches, pins, pitchforks, pliers, plugs, pokers, pruning shears, pry bars, pulleys, putty knives, rasps, ratchets, razors, rivets, rollers, ropes, rulers, safety glasses, saws, scalpels, scissors, scrapers, screwdrivers, screws, scythes, sharpeners, shovels, sickles, snips, spade, spears, sponges, squeegees, staplers, staples, tacks, tongs, torches, trowels, wedges, wheels, wrenches
  13. Action Verbs

  14. abused, adorned, animated, annoyed, arrested, assaulted, ate, bared, battered, beat, bit, blamed, blasted, blew on, bombarded, bored through, bothered, bribed, bullied, bumped, buried, caressed, caught, charmed, chased, cheered, choked, chortled at, clapped, clipped, clutched, collared, conducted, conserved, controlled, counselled, crammed, crashed, crawled after, crept up on, crippled, crushed, cut, dabbed, danced around, darted, dashed after, daubed, decked out, decorated, degusted, directed, discarded, dissected, distracted, diverted, doped, doused, dragged, drained, draped, dressed, drew, dried, drilled through, dropped, drowned, drugged, dug out, dunked, edged, ejected, elevated, eluded, embellished, encouraged, engaged, engulfed, enjoined, ensnared, enticed, equipped, escaped, estimated, evaded, evaluated, evicted, examined, expanded, expelled, experimented on, exploded, exposed, extended, fanned, fascinated, fastened, fed, felt, filled, fixed, flapped, flattened, flattered, flayed, fled, flew after, flicked, flogged, flung, flushed, folded, followed, fondled, forced, found, frightened, fumbled, gestured, gnawed, gouged, grabbed, grasped, greeted, grimed, gripped, groped, ground, growled at, grunted at, guided, hacked, hammered, handled, harassed, hauled, held, helped, hid, hijacked, hit, hitched, hoisted, hugged, humbled, humiliated, hung, hunted, hurled, hurt, immersed, impaled, improved, increased, injured, inspected, inspired, intimidated, irritated, isolated, jabbed, jammed, jeered at, jerked, jolted, jumped, kicked, killed, kindled, kneaded, knocked on, lashed, laughed at, launched, leapt on to, led, licked, lunged at, lured, maimed, mangled, manipulated, marked, marred, massaged, mauled, measured, met, mocked, modified, molested, motivated, moved, murdered, mutilated, nabbed, nagged, nailed, needled, nicked, nipped, observed, oversaw, packed up, paddled, palpated, parked, partook of, patted, pawed, pecked, peeled, peeped, penetrated, persuaded, perverted, pestered, picketed, pierced, piled, pinched, pinned, placated, plodded after, plunged, poked, polished, posed, pounced on, pouted to, prepared, preserved, preyed on, pricked, prodded, promoted, prompted, propelled, protected, provoked, publicized, pulled, pummelled, pumped up, punched, punished, pursued, pushed, questioned, raced, raided, raised, rallied, rammed into, ransacked, raped, rattled, ravaged, raved about, rebuked, reconciled, recruited, redeemed, reduced, reeled in, relaxed, remonstrated with, repaired, repelled, reproached, repulsed, researched, resisted, restored, retreated from, retrieved, ripped, robbed, rode, rubbed, saluted, sapped, sat, saved, sawed, scaled, scalped, scampered after, scanned, scared, scattered, scavenged for, scolded, scooped, scored, scouted for, scraped, scratched, scrawled on, screamed at, screwed, scrubbed, sealed, searched for, seduced, seized, severed, sewed, shaped, sharpened, shaved, sheared, shelled, shifted, shocked, shook, shot at, shouted at, shoved, shovelled, sighed around, signalled, sipped, skimmed, skipped, slammed, slapped, slashed, slew, slid, smacked, smeared, smelt, smudged, snapped, snared, snarled at, snatched, snickered at, sniffed, soaked, speared, spiked, spliced, split, spotted, sprayed, spread, spun, squeaked at, squeezed, stamped, startled, steered, stifled, stomped on, strangled, strapped, stripped, stroked, struck, stuffed, stumbled over, stunned, subdued, submerged, sucked, supported, surveyed, swallowed, swam after, swayed, swung, tamed, tangled, tarred, tasted, taught, taunted, teased, tempted, terrorized, tested, tethered, thrashed, threatened, threw, tickled, tied, tilted, titillated, took, tore, tormented, tortured, touched, tracked, trained, transfixed, trapped, treated, tripped over, trod, trounced, tucked, tugged, tumbled, tutored, twisted, undressed, unfolded, untangled, unwound, urged, utilized, violated, walked after, wandered around, watched, whacked, whipped, whistled at, wielded, wiggled, worked, wrenched, yanked, yelled at, zapped
  15. Adverbs of Manner List

  16. accidentally, angrily, anxiously, awkwardly, badly, beautifully, blindly, boldly, bravely, brightly, busily, calmly, carefully, carelessly, cautiously, cheerfully, clearly, closely, correctly, courageously, cruelly, daringly, deliberately, doubtfully, eagerly, easily, elegantly, enormously, enthusiastically, equally, eventually, exactly, faithfully, fast, fatally, fiercely, fondly, foolishly, fortunately, frankly, frantically, generously, gently, gladly, gracefully, greedily, happily, hard, hastily, healthily, honestly, hungrily, hurriedly, inadequately, ingeniously, innocently, inquisitively, irritably, joyously, justly, kindly, lazily, loosely, loudly, madly, mortally, mysteriously, neatly, nervously, noisily, obediently, openly, painfully, patiently, perfectly, politely, poorly, powerfully, promptly, punctually, quickly, quietly, rapidly, rarely, really, recklessly, regularly, reluctantly, repeatedly, rightfully, roughly, rudely, sadly, safely, selfishly, sensibly, seriously, sharply, shyly, silently, sleepily, slowly, smoothly, so, softly, solemnly, speedily, stealthily, sternly, straight, stupidly, successfully, suddenly, suspiciously, swiftly, tenderly, tensely, thoughtfully, tightly, truthfully, unexpectedly, victoriously, violently, vivaciously, warmly, weakly, wearily, well, wildly, wisely
  17. Adjectives Describing a Person

  18. abominable, adaptable, adorable, affable, afraid, aggressive, agreeable, alert, alluring, ambitious, amiable, amused, angry, anxious, artistic, attractive, bad, bad-tempered, beautiful, bemused, bewildered, biased, big-headed, blushing, bonhomous, bored, boring, brainy, brave, bright, busy, calm, cautious, charismatic, cheerful, clever, clumsy, co-operative, combative, comfortable, competent, concerned, confident, confused, contented, cowardly, crazy, creepy, cruel, cultured, curious, cute, dangerous, dazzling, debonair, deceitful, decorous, depressed, determined, detestable, diligent, dim, diplomatic, direct, disagreeable, disgusting, disillusioned, disturbed, dominating, doubtful, drab, dull, dynamic, easygoing, elegant, emotional, enchanting, encouraging, energetic, enthusiastic, envious, evil, excited, fabulous, fair, faithful, famous, fantastic, fearless, feverish, filthy, fine, frank, friendly, generous, gentle, ghoulish, gifted, glamorous, glum, good, graceful, gregarious, grieving, grumpy, handsome, happy, hard-working, harmonious, helpful, helpless, hesitant, hideous, homely, honest, honorable, horrible, hungry, hurt, idiotic, ill, ill-mannered, illiterate, impartial, impolite, impulsive, innocent, inquisitive, insane, instinctive, intelligent, interesting, introverted, jealous, jocund, jolly, jovial, judgmental, juvenile, keen, kiddish, kind, kind-hearted, kingly, kinky, kittenish, klutzy, knowledgeable, lascivious, lazy, lively, lonely, loud, lousy, lovely, magnificent, mangy, mature, merciful, miserable, modest, moldy, mysterious, naïve, narrow-minded, nasty, naughty, nerdy, nervous, nice, noisy, nurturing, outstanding, passionate, peaceful, perfect, placid, pleasant, pleasing, plucky, poised, practical, pretty, protective, proud, punctual, reckless, relaxed, reserved, respectful, restless, rude, scabby, sedate, self-assured, selfish, sensitive, shallow, shy, silly, sincere, sleepy, smiling, snobbish, somber, sore, sorrowful, splendid, stupid, successful, sweaty, talented, tame, tense, testy, thoughtful, thrifty, timid, tired, tolerant, tough, troubled, truculent, trustworthy, unassuming, unbiased, understanding, unhappy, unpleasant, unscrupulous, unsociable, unwell, upset, vengeful, vicious, villainous, virtuous, vivacious, voracious, warm, weary, wicked, wild, wise, witty, wonderful, worried, wrong, yielding, young, youthful, zaftig, zany, zestful
  19. Adjectives Describing things

  20. adhesive, annoying, appetizing, balmy, bent, big, bitter, bland, bleak, boiling, breakable, breezy, brindled, broad, broken, bumpy, burning, burnished, burnt, chilly, chubby, circular, clammy, clean, coarse, cold, colorful, colossal, cooing, cool, corpulent, creepy, crooked, cuddly, curly, curved, damaged, damp, dark, deafening, deep, delectable, delicious, dense, dirty, distorted, dry, dusty, enormous, faint, fancy, fat, fiery, foul, fetid, filthy, flaky, flat, flavored, flickering, fluffy, fluttering, fragile, fragrant, frail, freezing, fresh, frigid, frozen, fuzzy, gangling, gargantuan, giant, gigantic, glassy, globular, glossy, glowing, gorgeous, greasy, great, gross, grotesque, grubby, gummy, hard, harsh, heavy, hefty, high, hissing, holey, hollow, hot, huge, hulking, hushed, husky, icy, immense, juicy, jumbo, lanky, large, lean, light, little, long, loose, loud, low, luminous, lumpy, luscious, malodorous, mammoth, massive, melodic, melted, miniature, moaning, moldy, monstrous, motionless, motley, muddy, mushy, musty, mute, narrow, noisome, noisy, noxious, nutritious, obese, oblong, odd, old-fashioned, ornate, oval, padded, pale, palatable, patchy, perfumed, petite, pitted, plain, plastic, plump, pocky, polished, portly, poor, prickly, pungent, puny, purring, putrid, quaint, quiet, radiant, rainy, raspy, reeking, resonant, ribbed, ripe, rotund, rotten, rough, round, salty, savory, scabrous, scattered, scratchy, scrawny, screeching, shaggy, shaky, shallow, sharp, shimmering, shiny, shivering, short, shrill, silent, silky, skinny, sleek, slender, slim, slimy, slippery, small, smelly, smoggy, smooth, sniffy, soft, solid, sour, spicy, spotless, spotted, stout, square, squealing, stale, steady, steaming, steep, sticky, stinking, stinky, straight, strange, striped, strong, svelte, sweet, tabby, tacky, tall, tart, tasteless, tasty, teeny, tender, thick, thin, thirsty, thundering, tight, tiny, tremendous, triangular, tubby, ugly, uneven, unsightly, unusual, voiceless, warm, warped, wavy, weak, wee, weighty, wet, whiffy, whispering, wide, wiry, wooden, yummy
  21. List of numbers

  22. two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve